Empower Women With The Tools & Motivation They Need to Become Their Most Fulfilled Selves


When we face hardship in our lives, we assume..

We assume that we’re stuck between a rockand a hard place.

We assume that we’ve got to go THROUGH it to get through it.
We assume that if we just let things play out and keep pushing, things will change..

But what happens when it doesn’t?

Your audience is no stranger to that. In fact, I’m willing to bet that when it comes to getting through tough times, all they do is push through.

They’re resilient. They’re strong. They’re the everyday superheroes in their lives - the mothers, the career women, the entrepreneurs, the big sisters, the wives, and so much more.

But deep down, no matter what hardship they’ve been through, they feel as if they’ve been rocked down to the core of their very being.
It doesn’t need to be like that. You see, the women in your audience are forgetting this one thing when it comes to finding their way out from in between a rock and a hard place:


*Shows you who you truly are from the inside out and reveals what TRULY matters – so you can control your own dreams and not be led by others’ desires for you.

*Release all negative thoughts, interactions and distractions that are not serving you- so you can stop existing and start living.

*Act as the building blocks for the yellow brick road of the life you desire to live with joy, love and purpose - so you can stop asking “what if” and start saying “what’s next?”

And in my signature talk, THE POWER TO KEEP GOING | How to remain grounded in the midst of hardship, I reveal the secrets to successful self-discovery.


You see, I was born to inspire the women around me to live their most fulfilled lives. But with fulfillment often - but not always - comes challenging times. I’ve taught hundreds of women how to rediscover the strength within themselves and reignited the flame inside of them that fuels their journey through hard times. And when you book me to change the lives of the women in your audience, I 1,000% promise they’ll learn how to do the same.

Here’s what my words will help them do:


  • Rediscover who they are – beyond what society tells them they should be
  • Illuminate what God and the Universe is telling them
  • Make their inner core strengths shine brighter than any star, any hard time, and any fool’s gold
  • Step out of the darkness and into their purpose with joy and intention
  • Take charge of themselves through the power of self-discovery